Farnsworth Canyon

Location: San Rafael Swell
Rating: Basic Canyoneering  2B II
Length: 2-5 hours
Longest Rappel: None (or 165 ft or 50 m if desired for 3 hidden arches)
Start: Co Rd 1015
End:  There and Back
Permits: None
Wet Suit: No
Shuttle: No

Overview: This canyon can be approached several ways. If you wish to see the 3 hidden arches, bring enough equipment for a 165 ft rappel or simply hike back down the way you came. The Canyon is short enough to travel there and back, but if you so choose, you can leav a spot car at the end and travel around the back side with a 4WD vehicle. Bring plenty of water because most of the canyon is exposed to the sun. This canyon offers some tight narrows and wondrous rock formations. The canyon is not more than 2.75 miles. And most of it is seen in the first .25 miles. Unless you wish to explore the 3 hidden arches, you may just want to turn back after the tight narrow in the beginning.


From I-70 head south on Hwy 24 to Temple Mountain road. Take Temple Mountain Road to Co Rd 1015 just before Goblin Valley Road, about 1 mile from Hwy 24. Turn north (right) on this old dirt road. Follow for approximately 1.2 miles to a WSA sign. Park here unless you have a 4WD to go just a bit further. To travel the backside you’ll need 4WD. Co Rd 1015 veers left up a canyon and an old miner’s road can be found which will get you close enough to the 3 hidden arches.


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