Fence Canyon

Location: Escalante
Rating: Intermediate 2B II
Length: 2-4 hours
Longest Rappel: None
Start: 25.5 miles down Hole in Rock Road
End: There and Back
Permits: None
Wet Suit: No
Shuttle: No

Overview: It's just a fun short canyon. With other canyons in the area you can explore this canyon and a try a few others in the area in the same day.

Approach: From Hwy 12 leaving Escalante, turn right onto Hole in the Rock Road. From the turn off, drive 16.5 miles to another well-established dirt road on the right. Turn right and continue on new dirt road for 9 miles. Egypt Slot starts here but keep heading east. Head in a north-easterly direction along a trail. To the north (your left) is Fence Canyon. Follow the wash left and find an easy descent further down the canyon.


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