Utah Canyonering


Utah is a place of indescribable beauty.  Explore its unique natural formations where exciting discoveries are waiting to be uncovered again and again. Utah is a four-season, first-class travel destination.  Utah has everything from lush mountain forests to sun baked deserts. Getting a feel for its wonders just once will give you new appreciation for a world of wonder. Experience something new and step outside of your comfort zone for a challenging activity– Utah canyoneering.

The Canyons of Utah contain some of the best desert highlights you’ll come across. The curious desert sand stone that has been twisted and molded by water and air turns into some of the most beautiful scenery you’ll discover.  Do not think that exploring these wonderful sights are simple day hikes.  Traveling these Canyons you will find the need for navigational, scrambling and climbing skills.   Most of the time official trails do not exist; however, with the ever growing popularity of canyoneering, it's becoming more possible to see well worn paths on your adventures.  Always use caution and most important – have fun!