Chute Canyon

Location: San Rafael Swell
Rating: Advanced  4B V
Length: 11-16 hours
Longest Rappel: 80 ft (25 m)
Start: Several options listed below -
End:  Listed below
Permits: None
Wet Suit: No | Recommended in cold weather
Shuttle: Yes or No if doing Baptist Draw route

Overview: This canyon’s rating will change depending on water levels so take caution. It may be a walk in the park or you may find your-self in a heap of trouble if Ill prepared. This is a rough, dry canyon.  It contains all the narrows, pools, and difficult raps any canyoneer seeks. Don't underestimate the dangers this canyon has. If water levels are high the difficulty of getting out may be much more of a problem. Typically when water levels are high it is easier to get out of a canyon, but because of a log jam and a narrow overhead section at one point higher water levels means a blocked path and a difficult climb to get over the log jam. A few bad accidents resulting in death have occurred here. Don’t underestimate the power cold water has on the body of the difficulty in climbing wet rock and log jams.  You are in a very remote area with no running water so prepare accordingly. Like any canyon, Chute has the ability to change with each flash flood. From top to bottom the canyon is around 15 miles long.

Approach 1 Baptist Draw:

If you decide you’d like to check out Chute and do not wish to hike 15 miles to see its entirety, you can do a loop from Baptist Draw (the rating changes to a 3B III when only doing the small section of this canyon, the longest rappel 80 ft).

Approach 2 Shuttle from top to bottom:

Park a spot a car at the end of the Behind the Reef road.  If the road turns into a wash, you’ve gone too far. Now drive back with the second car. Turn left on Temple Mountain Road and drive toward Red Canyon Loop. Just before the intersection for Red Canyon Loop Rd | Hidden Splendor Rd you will notice a wash. This is Chute Canyon start. Follow the wash to your spotted car. This approach is long so bring plenty of water and only gear you absolutely will need.  You can try and camp along the way, but really, do you want to try and lug all that gear through some tight squeezes and shimmying? This canyon has a high rate based on the most extreme cases recorded. You might think it’s a breeze, but given the right condition it can be dangerous. Be prepared!


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