Fat Man’s Misery

Location: Zions National Park
Rating: Intermediate 3B III
Length: 6-10 hours
Longest Rappel: 40ft (15m)
Start: Just Southwest of Checkerboard Mesa Pullout
End: Loop
Permits: None
Wet Suit: Not needed
Shuttle: No

Overview: Easy to get lost. Bring topographical map and rout description. Check water levels of East Fork Virgin river before attempting. Big hike out. Bring enough water or water filters to obtain water from East Fork.This canyon contains a natural hot spring and beautiful grotto with several "sketchy" areas. May need to use aided scrambling and climbing techniques


There is a parking pull-off just west of Checkerboard Mesa pullout. Park here and walk west to the drainage on the left. Follow drainage up the canyon. Cheerboard Mesa is on your right. Once you’ve climbed to the top descend down the canyon and along a social trail. Eventually heading east over to a large drainage area. Past the watercourse it’s easy to get lost once you’ve reached a slick rock section where numerous trails can be seen. Simply head east up the white slick rock and down the other side.  You’ve found the entrance to Fat man’s Misery. The canyon peers in and out of the sun, so prepare accordingly. The exit is a tough one just downstream around a bend. Climb out. It’s straight up. Many social trails head back down into Fat Man’s Misery so just keep climbing up and out. Topographical map and guide are needed


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