Deer Canyon

Location: Escalante
Rating: Basic Canyoneering 2A III
Length: 3-7 hours
Longest Rappel: None
Start: Old Sheffield Road – 6 miles from Hwy12
End: There and Back (from Old Sheffield Road)
Permits: None
Wet Suit: No
Shuttle: No

Overview: In the heat of the desert, Deer Canyon is a lush oasis. You will discover some waterfalls and pools on this little journey.

Approach: Deer Canyon is accessed from Phillips Wash (Phillips Canyon).  If you continue to the end of Phillips Canyon and reach the Escalante River, you’re just about there. Head southeast, down Escalante River. After 10 minutes, cross the river to the other side and head up another canyon that empties into the Escalante River. This is Deer Canyon. Alternate route: arrive via Hwy 12 and the bridge over Escalante river. There is a road called South Creek Road. Start from here and head down river to Deer Canyon.

Deer Canyon From Hwy 12

Deer Canyon through Phillips Canyon

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