Arizona Canyoneering


Arizona is noted for the extreme desert climate with very hot summers and quite mild winters. Although Arizona is thought of as desert, the northern half of Arizona also contains lush forests of pine, Douglas fir, and spruce trees. The Colorado Plateau and other mountain ranges dot the northern half as well.  Arizona does receive enough snowfall on some of the mountain ranges to provide locals with skiing during the winter season.  Because of these peaks with their winter run off and other geographical elements, Arizona contains some of the most beautiful canyons and oases that can be explored and enjoyed.

About one-quarter of Arizona is federal land and has been reserved for Native American tribes. Although most of Arizona’s reservations and Tribal communities welcome visitors, others limit tourism greatly. If you are encroaching on Indian Reservations, remember that each reservation operates under its own government and its own rules for visitors. Stay off sacred areas and graveyards. Alcohol is not tolerated except in designated areas. It is best to travel in larger groups when entering any reservation and safest not to overnight camp on any reservation, although camping is permitted in certain areas.