Choprock Slot

Location: Escalante
Rating: Advanced 4B IV R
Length: 11-18 hours (about 16 miles round trip from parking)
Longest Rappel: 90 ft (30 m)
Start: 25.5 miles down Hole in Rock Road
End: Loop
Permits: None
Wet Suit: Yes
Shuttle: No

Overview: This is a very nice canyon with a lot of difficulties. It offers it all, climbing, rappelling, swimming, narrow sections, pools, log jams, and much more. Like any canyon Choprock Slot can be relatively easy during certain parts of the season and extremely difficult during others. Since this Canyon lies off the beaten path, prepare for the worst.  Extra gear is always a good idea but don’t overload yourself. Dragging a ton of extra gear through a very narrow slot or even having to drag it up and around to Chimney is not easy. Prepare for log jams - these are typically unstable and are always changing. There have been reported deaths of hikers who were not prepared here. Wetsuits are great. Don't underestimate how quickly cold water can harm or even kill you.

Approach: From Hwy 12 leaving Escalante, turn right onto Hole in the Rock Road. From the turn-off, drive 16.5 miles to another well-established dirt road on the right. Turn right and continue on new dirt road for 9 miles. Egypt Slot starts here but keep heading east. Drive in a north-easterly direction along a trail. To the north (your left) is Fence Canyon. Simply head along the trail to the Escalante River.

From the mouth of Fence Canyon, cross the Escalante River and follow a trail on the other side up-canyon and ascend the slick-rock. Choprock Slot is the canyon to the north of you. Head northward locating the Overland Trail. Continue northeasterly until it is possible to walk down into the bottom of the Choprock Slot canyon.


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