Ringtail Slot

Location: Escalante
Rating: Basic Canyoneering 2B III
Length: 4-6 hours
Longest Rappel: None
Start: 25.5 miles down Hole in Rock Road
End: There and Back
Permits: None
Wet Suit: No
Shuttle: No

Overview: It's a small canyon that provides a lot of shade – in fact it’s very dark. About an hour round trip from Neon Canyon.

Approach: From Hwy 12 leaving Escalante, turn right onto Hole in the Rock Road. From the turn off, drive 16.5 miles to another well established dirt road on the right. Turn right and continue on new dirt road for 9 miles. Egypt Slot starts here but keep heading east. Head in a north-easterly direction along a trail. To the north (your left) is Fence Canyon. Follow the wash ahead and find an easy descent further down to the Escalante River. Head down river past Neon Canyon. After  about 15 minutes a wash comes in on the left. Follow the wash. Ringtail is cool, dark and serine.


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