Left Fork Canyon

Location: Zions National Park
Rating: Intermediate 3B III
Length: 8-16 hours
Longest Rappel: 60ft (20m)
Start: Wildcat Canyon Trailhead
End: Left Fork Canyon trailhead or loop
Permits: Required | 3 required if finishing through the Subway.
Wet Suit: Yes strongly recommended
Shuttle: No if doing a loop | Yes if finishing through the Subway

** Permits can be obtained from Zion National park through an online lottery system. The lottery is 2 days, 7 days or 3 months in advance. Mystery and Subway are the only canyons with a lottery 3 months in advance. Click here for site lottery.

Overview:  This is simply the Subway and Das Boot combined with a little extra as you descend from the top of Left Fork. The section above Das Boot alternates between sun, canyon, open canyon, potholes, and some rappels.


From Virgin turn north on the Kolob Reservoir Road. The end of Left Fork Trailhead is on the right 8.1 miles from Virgin. Leave a car here if finishing through the Subway. After another 7 miles you come to Wildcat Canyon Trailhead. Follow the Wild Cat trail. If you are familiar with the subway - keep on the Wild Cat trail and do not split off toward the Subway route. Follow toward Right Fork route. Over 2 miles to Right Fork route. You can also reach The Right Fork route via West Rim Trail, however, if you are doing a loop it may be much longer than you desire. From Right Fork travel to "The Seeps" and continue down Left Fork. If your doing a Loop travel back from the begining of Das Boot or the End of Das Boot.


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