Hook Canyon

Location: Zions National Park
Rating: Advanced 4B IV
Length: 8-16 hours
Longest Rappel: Unknown
Start: The Grotto (West rim Trail)
End: West Rim Trail (loop)
Permits: Required
Wet Suit: Not needed
Shuttle: No

** Permits can be obtained from Zion National park through an online lottery system. The lottery is 2 days, 7 days or 3 months in advance. Mystery and Subway are the only canyons with a lottery 3 months in advance. Click here for site lottery.

Overview: Many have attempted Spearhead Canyon only to be deterred to travel down Hook Canyon and escape the blistering heat. Little is known so exploration is key. Bring extra gear if attempting and let the rest of know what it’s like.


Take Zion shuttle to Grotto shuttle stop. Head up the West rim trail. You will pass the Angels landing split off and continue forward. The trail will veer west after a short jaunt and through a nicely forested area, (forested for a desert anyhow).  Once the trail veers north again up a step set of switchbacks - you’ve found the mouth of Behunin Canyon.  The 3.8 mile trek may prove disheartening for some. At this point do not head up the switchbacks but drop into the canyon and begin following it down southward. This is the Behunin Canyon. A trail guide is handy to have at this point. Spearhead is the next canyon over to the east. Once you reach a point where the waterway heads east – climb up. You will back-track and up northeast quite a bit as you walk the long way around Majestic Mountain. Once you come around Mount Majestic Head East toward Hook Canyon and Spearhead.  Spearhead drops to the south (right), Hook is on the left.


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