Refrigerator Canyon

Location: Zions National Park
Rating: Intermediate 3A II
Length: 3-5 hours
Longest Rappel: 200ft (60m)
Start: The Grotto
End: The Grotto (loop)
Permits: Required
Wet Suit: Not needed
Shuttle: No

** Permits can be obtained from Zion National park through an online lottery system. The lottery is 2 days, 7 days or 3 months in advance. Mystery and Subway are the only canyons with a lottery 3 months in advance. Click here for site lottery.

Overview:  A short canyon that descends the south side of Angels Landing. Refrigerator Canyon is the long dark corridor up the West Rim trail just before you reach Walts Wiggles (the extreme switchbacks up Angles Landing), and just after the first set of major switchbacks.


Head up the West Rim trail from the Grotto shuttle stop. Once you pass the first set of major switchbacks and a bridge that crosses Refrigerator Canyon it’s time to descend. Just before the bridge drop into the watercourse. Follow the canyon downward.


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