Black Canyon

Location: Prescott National Forest
Rating: Intermediate 3B III
Length: 8-12 hours
Longest Rappel: 100ft (30m)
Start: Ogden Ranch Rd
End:  Loop
Permits: None
Wet Suit: No
Shuttle: No

Overview: This canyon offers forest, falls, narrows, pools, rappelling and more. The largest rap is 100ft but can be bypassed by scrambling down the left side. In fact the largest rap that would be hard to bypass is about 20ft high within the narrows of the Black Canyon. However, it is always best to go prepared. Finding a natural anchor within the narrow section might prove difficult. Be prepared.

Approach: From I-17 exit 287 Hwy 260 and drive northwest 9.58 miles to Ogden Ranch Rd. Ogden Ranch Rd. is the intersection at the very southeast end of Cottonwood. Head southeast on Ogden Ranch Rd. The opposite direction is Praire Ln. Follow Ogden Ranch Rd straight for 5.3 miles to the end and park. Continue on the small dirt road 150 yards to an intersection and turn left. Follow the ATV/pathway for about 4.5 miles where it enters the Black Canyon from the north. Begin your descent down Black Canyon. A total of 11 miles round trip. When the Canyon open again you can exit about 1 mile down canyon and bush-whack it north to the trial and your car, or you can simple follow the wash until the another dry wash enters form the north. Head north to find your car.


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